Rumble Fish


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A personal passion project by a bunch of friends – likely the most fun way to express creativity.

A short story about love, failure and comeback. Stay true to yourself and your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you.

This short film is a collaboration between fashion photographer Gary Engel and stylist Ale Romualdi together with cinematographers Mo Garhammer and Mathias Bergmann. Shot in a cold November week in London it was all about gathering forces and having a great time doing what we love most – being creative.

Starring: Jacey Elthalion, Erika Pattison, Sam Webb, Michael Wagner, Alister Coldrey, Box coach Michael Sam

Story/Concept: Alessandro Romualdi, Gary Engel, Mo Garhammer
Director: Gary Engel
DOP: Mo Garhammer, Mathias Bergmann
Styling: Alessandro Romualdi
Hair/Makeup: Christiane Bazynski
Director of Editing / Grading: Max Garhammer
Music: Ramon Riezouw
Sounddesign: Clemens Becker
Story/Monologue: Sandra Carolina Mosch
Stills Photographer: Gary Engel